Awakening Spiritual Interest


Learn to awaken spiritual interest, recognize the moments when a person is open to the gospel, understand why people react the way they do, and discover equations to successfully reach both the hostile and the apathetic.

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Man’s loving Creator plants in every heart a nameless longing for God, the seed of a life-giving connection with Him. Eyes overflowing with tears cannot water it, hearts seething with anger cannot respond to its promptings; thus it may sleep for many years. People running from God wonder where He is when they need Him, unaware that God runs alongside them with His hand open to satisfy their desires. He watches for a chance to awaken and put His name on the longing that persists. This book shares the good news that we can help. Awakening Spiritual Interest is a practical study in how to reach people who see no need for Jesus, with special emphasis on how to unlock the hearts of the apathetic and the hostile.


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